Mutating Daffodils

Despite the Spring weather and the near-complete absence of even a blade of grass stirring, the wind was a real factor today. A ‘cyclist’s wind’ – not obvious, but hard work to ride into. Dispiriting. There’s a downhill stretch that I’ll normally roll down at about 22-23 mph on an average day; today it was 18-19, purely because of the wind. The approach of go out into the prevailing wind, come back with a tail wind paid off. I was tired by about the 18th mile but from there it was either tail- or favourable cross-wind all the way back.

A headwind. Oh, what hardship. As I went out this morning news about a large explosion at one of the Japanese nuclear plants damaged by the earthquake yesterday was just breaking. I crossed the M4 twice today and it was busy both ways. I could picture a mass exodus on Japan’s highways if the radiation leaks are going to get serious. We’ve all seen similar scenes on the news – motorways jammed with citizens fleeing this or that disaster.

It felt like Spring today, lots of growth bursting through and that little bit warmer. I’m inclined to think it’s observable, tangible, that good weather puts people in a good mood but perhaps it’s just me. Cyclists tend to be very weather-sensitive. Good weather puts me in a good mood and so I see the world as a better place, but it’s in fact the same as it ever was. I don’t know.

Flower buds: Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring

Daffodils coming out can look attractive but what dumb word that is. It’s the ‘dil’ that seals its fate. Scott Adam’s ever-put-upon Dilbert, Robert Thompson’s superb Dill in Cul-de-Sac. I found myself wondering whether daffodils would mutate in a radiation-saturated landscape. Mutate into what?