Nature Learning

A short ride with Charli, who’s been off the bike with various minor (non cycling) aches and pains for a few weeks.

It continues to be unseasonally mild. We both commented on the brightness of the moss to be found growing in the centre of quiet lanes, and there’s new grass growing here and there too that’s similarly vivid. The temperature-moisture combination must be just right. It’s also suiting fungi, which seem to be popping up everywhere in any number of different varieties.

Even on some busier roads – such as the one that goes by Sandford Mill – there’s moss (or is it lichen?) growing here are there. It’s not as thick as on very quiet lanes, but there’s a visible green sheen. Of course, it’s also lethally slippery.

The birds that are around seem different too – there are very few blackbirds, for instance. Presumably they migrate to here and so far haven’t made the journey.

It’s interesting and, I guess, a privilege to witness birds learning. That’s certainly true of red kites. A few years ago they were rare and very shy. Now they can rightly be called common and are far more bold. Today there were two sitting on adjacent lamp posts on the A4 near Twyford, more than likely just waiting for some fresh road kill. They are, after all, primarily scavengers. They’ve got to know about road kill; they’ve learned that they can sit that close to humans and be rarely, if ever, bothered.