Nothing Changes

Good grief – grey, cold and frequently wet days get very tedious. Pretty well nothing’s changing from day-to-day in the bigger weather picture; if it’s not wet today it will be tomorrow; if it’s not low grey cloud it’s high grey cloud.

It’s election results day and nothing changes there either. We are fools to imagine it does. Labour has made huge gains against the rest. It means nothing. There is a political class and they are fundamentally interchangeable, whatever hue they profess to be of. Most of what they actually do is either determined for them by forces beyond their control or by whatever’s needed to maintain their grip on power. The vast bulk of the good they do could be done by professional administrators with far less cost.

Every passing day finds me more and more convinced that Auberon Waugh was right in his deep seated mistrust of all politicians. We would all do well to assume them to be socially or emotionally crippled individuals, driven by an urge to power that is a personality disorder in its own right. They have form, so let them prove otherwise, individually, case-by-case, year-by-year. If they really are out to serve the public, they should have no problem with that.

Near Sonning Common, I came across a large crow picking at a freshly run-over rabbit. As I neared it hopped a couple of feet to the side but showed no real concern about my arrival. The brazen way it went about poking its beak into the entrails brought to mind, unbidden, the cant and lies being aired by the politicians today, and repeated just as brazenly by media outlets up and down the land. They are all without shame.