Nothing Grows For Ever

Just a gentle pootle about today with Charli, passing Crowsley Park (of Sherlock Holmes / Conan Doyle fame), Wyfold, Woodcote, Goring Heath and back in to Caversham.

Dappled light is always difficult and the brighter the light the deeper the shade, and the more difficult spotting the pot-holes gets. These days I’m old enough to back-off and make sure I can see what the road’s like. I say that but I don’t think I was ever that gung-ho. I think I’d call myself naturally cautious, so heaven knows what others might make of me. More than likely the answer to that one is ‘wimp’.

If ‘The Horse Index’ is a valid idea, then on that basis you can say for sure that things still aren’t going too well for the economy; I’d say we saw more horse-free paddocks today than ever before.

I’m not an economist, not even an arm-chair economist. I suspect it’s a bogus ‘discipline’, little better than poking around in animal entrails for a clue about the future. People go on about this economic factor or that and they may be right or they may be just groping in the dark. I don’t know. What does strike me, though, is that it has to be a work of fantasy to postulate the notion that there can be constant growth. We live on a finite planet. Duh.

We need a different model of what constitutes a healthy economy and a healthy society. An approach based on never-ending growth cannot be sustained – and when it goes wrong, as it’s going wrong now, the consequences are perceived as far worse than they need to be. We have a lot; we need to nurture it, cherish it, value it, conserve it, appreciate it.

The Horse Index