Oh! Deer!

Several dreary, grey, bitterly cold February days have been and gone since I last was out riding. Call me a wimp, but it’s simply not a great deal of fun cycling when it’s hovering just above freezing and there’s not even the hint of any sunshine. It’s been largely dry, true, but the stiff easterly wind has strongly mitigated against that being anything like a benefit.

So, no, I’ve not been out riding and I’m not going to berate myself for it. I have been on the turbo-trainer again but, I have to admit, in a fairly desultory way: doing enough to keep some ‘cycling fitness’ in my legs; doing it hard enough to make me sweat and work my heart and lungs a bit … but that’s all.

So, getting out today was a real treat. I didn’t go that far, I wasn’t out for that long really, and it was still a dreary February day, but it wasn’t quite so cold and the effort was rewarded by the simple pleasure of being out riding, and by the sight of a herd of, I think, Fallow Deer but I’m not wholly sure on the identification. They were near May’s Green, on the way to Henley.

From the photos it looks as if I disturbed them and maybe I did, they are very shy and wary, but there was a fair old interval between the first photo and when they started to move off, and they weren’t in any hurry.

With apologies for the photo quality – they were taken with a compact camera on its maximum zoom.

Deer, just sitting around. (click on the image to view gallery)

(Click for a full-size version and more images)

Time to move on ...
But no great hurry

But no great hurry

Off, off and away
Follow the leader and away into the distance