Past The Sell-By Date

The other day I crouched down to take a photo (of the Herb Robert); as I did so I felt the big muscle on the side of my left thigh pull. No big deal. I rode on, didn’t think anything more of it. That night it hurt, quite a lot. Yesterday it hurt quite a lot all day – walking wasn’t pleasant. I woke up today, limped around the house and set off for a ride quite expecting to turn back.

As it was, apart from a couple of times – starting off, trying to stand on the pedals – I hardly noticed it and it turned into a good long run with Jim; one of those where we kept extending it as we went, just because we could.

That said though, the ease with which the injury occurred and the other little niggling aches and pains I get these days are all doing a good job of reminding me that I’m past my sell-by date. Anyone beyond their mid-40s is; that’s all our bodies are designed for, or so I’m told. It quite definitely feels like that some days.

I can’t complain: I’ve hardly been ill or injured and I’ve escaped major ailments to date. I’m just increasingly aware that time is not on my side, not with regard to physical health or anything else. It’s sobering, and it’s worth remembering. Anyone over 50 should be thankful that they are just that – over 50.