Pensioner Rage

Bright sun, not too cold in theory but a strong and chilly easterly wind: two out of three is about the best you’re going to get at the moment, so a bike ride just had to happen. ‘Make the most of it’ is the only way to respond to the weather these days – and for the future. British weather was never easily predictable or reliable, but it’s becoming ever increasingly less so as the world’s climate gets ever more unstable.

Hey ho, at least I can ‘make the most of it’ on most occasions and dictate my own working hours. I do realise how fortunate that makes me.

Riding through Henley, I suspect I saw the future: two ‘mobility scooters’ coming head-to-head on a footpath too narrow for them to pass side-by-side. (One had to take to the road.) It’s only going to happen more frequently. Presumably, sooner or later, there’ll be a pension-rage incident as a result, the population at large will thus be disabused of the notion that all old folk are lovely old dears and the nation’s feral youth will be treading in fear of the nation’s feral oldies.