Plain Wrong

There is so much to get angry about.

The fighting in Libya continues, and the media continue to trot the government line out and try and demonise Qadhafi. They’ve all conveniently forgotten that just a few years ago we were willing to deal with him. Watch what happens in the coming years – follow the money. It’ll all be about oil.

We’re being taken for fools again.

It’s the same as with bankers, the same as with public sector pay packets for the elite – there’s a whole culture of taking the public for fools while they rob us blind.

You don’t have to pay top dollar to get top people. All that attracts is people motivated by money – foul, venal individuals who are just out for themselves. The kind of people who’ll happily back a war if it makes them money. The kind of people who’ll get their noses out of the trough long enough to make an apology for whatever departmental failing they’ve been caught responsible for, but will then just go on failing for as long as they can pocket the money.

We are mugs. Absolute fools.

The bankers are particularly foul. The prospect of reform is looming so, as predictably as a seemingly endless stream of liquid shit comes after a stomach bug, so bankers and their mouthpieces are being given endless media time to tell us that reforming them is just all wrong and will damage the economy. These are the scum, the people working in a “socially worthless” industry (to quote one independent report), who’ve saddled the entire world with endless debt for years and years to come. To give them any credence whatsoever beggars belief. Expecting them to help with the rebuilding needed after the collapse they’ve caused is on a par with asking a rapist to baby-sit your daughter. And the media that gives them air-time, and the politicians that listen to them for a nano-second, are such transparently pathetic, supine stooges, I cannot bear to listen to them. Full stop.

All of which begs questions – not least, does anyone outside of the media-political-big business circle listen to them anyway? We all know we’ve been shafted, we all know the people are the top are filthy liars that you wouldn’t piss on if they were on fire. If you took their media stooges away (also not worth pissing on) then they’d have no advocates and no audience.

The other question that always intrigues me is whether their mouthpieces believe what they say. It’s akin to religionists, “faith healers” and any other snake-oil pedlar. There is a vast difference between someone knowingly lying and someone who genuinely believes what they’re saying, however wrong it may be. I find it very hard to believe spokespeople for banking are anything other than liars, members of the same venal class that they’re speaking for.

Riding around today up Stokenchurch way and down to Marlow, I was struck by how many expensive private properties are having building work carried out. The recession only hits some of us – as always. Tour around the rich bits and they’re all doing fine.

Meanwhile, we can’t even get the roads mended. There’s a stretch of road near Hambleden on the way to Henley that’s just had the gravel-smeared-on-tar treatment. It was atrocious beforehand and it still is. Just a few days after all that money was wasted on it, the holes that were there before are already showing through and the new surface is disintegrating. To rub salt into it, just a few miles along, nearer Henley, the road surface was treated the same way, probably two years ago or thereabouts, and that’s a rotting mess. Why the common-sense-forsaken morons in charge of spending this money keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again defies any logic or analysis of any of the ostensible aspects to it. The suspicion has to be that we ought to be following the money to find the real reason. Always follow the money.

And all of that anger set me thinking, why am I getting worked up about it? I’m not doing that badly despite the bankers and the damage they’ve done to my future finances. The war in Libya hasn’t had any direct impact on me. Bad roads may rattle me around a bit but they’re not the end of the world. Sure, it’s my tax money the scum are blatantly wasting, whether it’s on road ‘mending’, military ordnance, inflated salaries or bailing out banks, but tax is unavoidable, and I can always pretend my contribution goes to something useful.

So, why do I get angry? The only answer I could come up with is because all these things are just plain wrong.

It’s as simple as that. It really is. No relativism, no sophistry, no excuses. Some things are just wrong.