Photo: Wood Anemones

Wood Anemones

A short ride out with Charli and, following up yesterday’s resolution, two plants caught my eye – which she told me are Flowering Currant and Wood Anemone. The former really stood out in the dull beech wood near Hook End – dull because it’s too early in the year for the beech trees themselves to be out, and it seems not much lives beneath them. The bluebells are pushing through but they’re barely showing any colour yet.

Photo: Flowering Currant

Flowing Currant - that probably shouldn't be there

I’m not qualified to make any comment about what’s a native plant, what’s not and what might be right and wrong on that front, but Charli said the Flowering Currant will have been carried there – that it wasn’t its natural habitat – and once it’s pointed out that seemed to me to be obvious. It just looked out of place – as simple as that.

I wonder if it’s fanciful to imagine that it’s possible to discern what plants would naturally be growing with each other just by looking, whether there’s some kind of harmony to how they visually interact with each other, even if we’re not consciously aware of it. I have no idea.