Didcot and Wittenham

Power through the centuries

The two hills to the right are Wittenham Clumps – the site of a hill fort, presumably a power base for the occupants, dating back some hundreds of years BC. And there’s Didcot power station – power in the modern sense.

I suspect any attempt to forge a link between the two would be very tenuous and contrived, but nevertheless I was struck by this juxtaposition.

Didcot is in fact two power stations and one is now being decommissioned – part of the effort to reduce CO2. Presumably, one day the entire site will be as redundant as the hill forts.

For all my awareness of climate change, I can’t help but suspect shutting down half of Didcot is too little, too late and, given the future fragility of the UK’s ability to provide its people with enough electricity, it might even be short-sighted. I know this is heresy in some circles but I suspect climate change is unstoppable simply because of human nature and human numbers. The effort should be going in to how best to cope with it, short, medium and long term. We will need power to cope.