Previously: Be Thankful~That’s OK, It’s Only Awful~Harrumph

It’s easy to be insufficiently thankful for a bike when it’s working, as I was thinking after riding in the mud last year. And the true is the same for you body. Perhaps it wasn’t quite as bad as now, but the floods were very real last year too – and as misrepresented as ever. New shoots pushing up from bulbs on verges failed to cheer me up. It could be far more grim: this week in 2012 the weather had taken a turn for the snow-and-ice-bound worse, and I wasn’t riding at all. Hey ho – nothing’s new – that’s just as this week (2014) is turning out.

Week 5, 2013: Be Thankful
Week 5, 2013: That’s OK, It’s Only Awful
Week 5, 2013: Harrumph