Previously: Enjoying Inequality~When The Law Doesn’t Work~Olympic Evils~ Go West~ Exotica Near Henley~ Being Happy With Crumbs~ Off-Road Trophies~A Sense Of Place

This week last year I was enjoying inequality and wondering about its consquences; and it was clear that the law doesn’t work and that we should be trying to fix it. Just two years ago, the OIympic torch parades and heart attacks are both once-in-a-lifetime events; there were sights to see west of Reading and orchids on the verge near Henley and I was thinking about crumbs and how easy it is to buy politicians. Back in 2011, scratches and mud are everyone’s off-road trophies; and I was thinking about the erosion of a sense of place.

Enjoying Inequality
When The Law Doesn’t Work
Olympic Evils
Go West
Exotica Near Henley
Being Happy With Crumbs
Off-Road Trophies
A Sense Of Place