Previously: Shangri-la’s King~Climate Change~Fun~Magic~Wicking~Infectious

This week in 2012, I found out that the Dragon King of Shangri-la now spends his time mountain biking, I was thinking about dodging the consequences of climate change, and the fast-food industry’s idea of fun wasn’t mine. The year before, how religions arise was demonstrated in a lane near Wargrave; the limits to wicking clothing were obvious, innocent laughter was infectious but newer bike bits weren’t lasting as well as older kit.

Week 42, 2012: The King Of Shangri-la Has Gone Mountain Biking
Week 42, 2012: Dodging The Consequences
Week 42, 2012: Fun
Week 42, 2011: Magic
Week 42, 2011: Save Your Money (Just For Cyclists)
Week 42, 2011: Infectious