Previously: Sweating and Moaning~Money Talking~Rose Tints~Rain~Wild Mammals~Tips For Wet Rides~Water~Riding~Head Or Body~Ending In Tears

Summer 2013 was being perfectly foul and I was sweating and moaning; and American Independence Day saw me thiking about how far America’s drifted from its noble, hopeful founding ideals as money talks so loudly there. This time in 2012: a rose-tinted view was possible, a wet summer was disappointing; I might be wrong about wild mammals, and some tips for wet weather riding. The year before I was pondering why water smells so nice; even a ride for riding’s sake is OK; the distinction between psychology or physiology was mildly vexing, and more cyclists meant more accidents.

Sweating And Moaning
Money Talking
Rose Tinted: Is It So Wrong?
Rain. Never Mind.
Wrong Again?
Your Mantra (Wet Weather Riding For Cyclists)
The Smell Of Water
Riding For Riding’s Sake
The Head Or The Body
It Will All End In Tears