Previously: Invest~Protest~Exercise~Your Last Day~Fast Cats~Stagnant Politics~Ugly~ Nero~Tasting Dust~The Horse Index

Last year and a stranger gave me a stark reality check about investing in Britain, UKIP were in the news then as now as people tried to protest, however ill-advisedly, and Charli’s lungs gave us a lesson in the importance of exercise. This time in 2012 it was all about Mayflies and last days; fast cats racing me down the lane; stagnant politics and ugly, ugly life. The year before that I was thinking that we’re fiddling while the countryside burns; tasting dust though climate change wasn’t on anyone’s agenda – and the horse index – an impression of recession – came to mind.

Invest? Pull The Other One
Exercise It
This Day Is Your Last
Fast Cats
Stagnant Politics
Ugly Day
Tasting Dust
The Horse Index