Rain and Mud

A decent length spin with Jim, because we could, because we both needed it and on my part at least because the week’s shaping up to not be great for cycling. It’s just the way the diary is working out. So it goes; I’m much more a master of my own day-to-day destiny than I might be.

Spring’s pushing through but it’s not looking lush; it’s too dry. Some traditional April showers – if they come – will sort it out.

It is odd to write “if they come” and to then ponder it. From April showers to summer sun, from a basic rule of law to doctors that take the Hippocratic Oath seriously, from money being worth something to shops that will have some stock – there are so many components of life that we take for granted, that we rely on, that we make presumptions about.

By chance, recently I read about ‘The Anarchy’ in England and the breakdown of basic law and order in the country. I gather, too, that the description of these years as ‘anarchy’ is open to dispute, but nevertheless it would do us all good to remember how fragile civilization is – all civilization. And we all need to remember that every single one of us is dependent on rain and the few inches of topsoil the covers parts of the planet. Without that, any notions of class, politics, government and most other things simply disintegrate.