Rain. Never Mind.

The rain just carries on. It feels like we can dispense with weather forecasters – all anyone needs to know is that if it’s not raining it will be soon.

It’s interesting to pick over how this very dismal summer is making me feel. There is the obvious knee-jerk ‘this is depressing’ reaction but really it’s just disappointing. We can feel justified in hoping for something a bit better at this time of year. I suppose it’s wearying. It feels like it’s been going on for too long now – and the statistics bear that feeling out.

On the other hand, I was cycling for over two hours today around East Berkshire and was only rained on for about 10 minutes in all that time, and then it was nothing significant.

I veer towards a kind of grim determination to be ‘making the most of it’ in these circumstances, rather than any manifest cheeriness, but I can manage a thin smile if pushed, and a touch of gallows humour. It is not that bad. It’s not cold. It could be a lot worse. (And whenever I see people flooded out I have real sympathy for them – I’ve experienced it once and it is a tough one to deal with.)

I suppose it’s all just another example of how easy it is to get things out of proportion, how easy it is to forget how good things actually are. By and large, we are incredibly fortunate in the West. It is a terrible truth about human nature that we find it hard to remember that.

Rain clouds over English countryside, summer 2012

If it’s not raining it will be soon