Save Your Money (Just For Cyclists)

The first ride for a long time in the proper cold; there was a real frost last night.

I can’t say I wholeheartedly enjoy cycling when the temperatures get much below around the mid-40s (F). There’s that bit more will-power required to go out the door. Often, once out, it’s enjoyable enough but it’s pretty well impossible to dress right in the cold, especially when it’s also sunny. As today demonstrated, there are limits to wicking clothing – whatever the adverts suggest.

Some money spent on some decent layers is money well spent, without a doubt: if you’re going to sweat at all, the ‘proper clothing’ is a lot better than going out in, say, a plain cotton t-shirt and woollen jumper. But I’ve tried expensive, I’ve tried mid-price and I’ve tried the cheap end of the cycling clothing ranges and none of them have kept my body properly dry as I’ve sweated.

I’m happy to say that I do think it’s an unrealistic expectation – surely, wicking can only go so far. All I’d say to anyone reading this, who might imagine that it’s possible to be kept thoroughly dry if only you spentd enough, is that my experience suggests you should adjust your expectations instead – and don’t punish your bank balance.