Shocking For Everyone

Earlier today, if you’d been around the Bath Road/Twyford area in Berkshire, you could have endured the mildly shocking sight of a fat old bloke riding an old fixed wheel bike. You’d probably have thought something along the lines of ‘he looks like he’s struggling a bit’, and if you could have said as much to him, he’d have agreed. He’d have bemoaned that he couldn’t pedal much over 100rpm, mentioned that he felt just a little bit on the cold side of right, admitted that he was feeling very aware that he was an over-weight ex-smoker, and added that because this was the first time out on a fixed wheel bike for quite a while, it was all a bit of a shock to his system.

If you’d been able to speak to him at the end of the ride he’d also have added that riding a fixed wheel for the first time for ages on a cool day with the added frisson of heavy rain was even more of a shock to his system, because rain it most certainly did for the last 10 miles or so.

Needless to say, that fat old man was me, and that was one very tiring, soggy jaunt. The obvious conclusion, of course, is that I must do it more often.

A Cinelli Record handlebar stem - for readers of a certain vintage

A Cinelli Record handlebar stem – appreciated by readers of a certain vintage