Sitting Down Again

A late morning short leg-stretcher on a fixed-wheel – some exercise on an otherwise enervating hot spring day when it would be all too easy to just do nothing.

Nothing much was happening; there weren’t a lot of people around; nature – animals, birds, even vegetation – was remarkably still on a hot and quite calm day.

And now I’ve started noticing them, there were seats for the public cropping up all over the place – in Emmer Green, Sonning Common and in Binfield Heath. There was an elderly couple sitting on the bench at the end of Kiln Road, and families on the seats in the park at Binfield Heath.

Benches in a park, here in Binfield Heath

Benches in a park in Binfield Heath

These seats, they’re not just tokens or left-overs from a bygone era. I wonder if they’re more important than anyone might give them credit for; if they – in some quiet way – represent a really very basic decency that’s too easy to take for granted.