Strange Sights?

Bluebell in sunlight in June

The hitherto unencountered

So, let’s say you’re a migrant bird flying in to England as normal in June. Hey up – what’s this? Bluebells. You don’t normally see bluebells; you’ve never seen bluebells before.

That’s quite conceivable, and I just wondered today while I was out up near Christmas Common whether that does occur in any way in the minds of animals; how do they see the world? Of course, the whole Dr Dolittle fantasy is common enough, one way or another. And I know that anthropomorphic thoughts aren’t really helpful. Nevertheless, it is something to muse on, however inconclusively, as the world changes. Even if animals are seeing the world merely in terms of survival strategies, those strategies still must include coping mechanisms for the hitherto unencountered.

Perhaps one of the keys to how the future will pan out will be which animals can best understand a changing world. I’m not sure humans are the best placed to survive.