Frowned Upon

It’s not uncommon to be passed by a car or, more often, one of those flatbed pick-up trucks or a Landrover or similar with a dog in the back, who’ll start barking furiously as they go by. Farm dogs seem particularly prone to it.

I don’t know my dog breeds – I can recognise the common ones but that’s it. Today, I was passed by a pick-up truck with an open flatbed back, with a hound-type of dog in it – it looked like a nice, pedigree animal. It wasn’t tethered at all that I could see, it was just happy in the back. Traffic was slow and as it drew alongside me it sat up, looked at me … and frowned in one of the most superbly quizzical expressions I’ve ever seen, animal or human. As the truck pulled away it continued to look at me with an unwavering frown for as long as I was in sight. It left me feeling like I should try to catch up and introduce myself to resolve the mystery of the perplexing cyclist.

It was just a short ride to get out; I’m still not feeling great with whatever it is that started back on the 17th, but getting out for a break continues to be better than staying in. For some reason there were a lot of cyclists around today – more than I’d expect. Still, it’s good to see.

Apart from the concerned hound, the other animal encounter of the day was with a partially albino blackbird – a male with quite a few white feathers. It really did suit him. I wonder if completely white blackbirds ever occur.