A Swyncombe Walk (With Route)

A late start (too much Saturday night partying for old fogies like us) and heavy rain forecast, so today saw a Sunday walk rather than a cycle, with Charli.

Two road cyclists with punctures at Swyncombe, and three mud-bespattered off-roaders along the way made the decision to walk rather than ride feel like the right one. It’s puncture season, and it had tipped down over night.

The route wasn’t too taxing apart from some slippery mud, and we weren’t rained on until the last half-hour or so. The obviously imminent downfall did lend the jaunt a certain urgency though …

Rain clouds over the hills

Imparting a sense of urgency

Walking versus cycling? I’d take cycling if I had to pick one, not least because it’s a pace I like, but we’ve been walking more of late and the additional intimacy with the landscape that being on foot affords is proving very rewarding. I’m discovering new places and old places take on fresh aspects, even though I’ve lived in and cycled these parts for years. Not only do we need to get out of our cars, we need to get off our bikes too sometimes.

Codgeration now includes walks …

The Route: starting by Swyncombe church, dropping down to Dame Alice Farm, taking in Swan’s Way / The Ridgway and then back up to Swyncombe via Ladies Walk. About six-and-a-half miles. The only mildly confusing part was the start – the first path starts a few yards along the seemingly private road to Swyncombe house, which isn’t obvious from the church-side road.

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