Take Me Away

Today’s was just a short spin heading north towards Wallingford – a needed break away from it all.

There is something absolutely wonderful about closing the door, cycling off and knowing you’re completely out of contact for however long you’re riding. (I have a mobile phone with me in case of a problem, but it’s turned off.) No matter how mediocre the ride might be, just to be alone and out of reach of the constant communication we’ve collectively immersed ourselves in, is relaxing. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

There are very, very few things even remotely likely to crop up that are so urgent you have to be always in reach, wherever you are. And by and large, even if something did come up, being informed of it instantly isn’t going to make much, if any, difference. Take a break and improve the quality of your life – switch it all off and enjoy some solitude.