Target Driven

I try and cycle 100 miles a week; in winter it will tail down a bit, and then illnesses, holidays and so on will interrupt that as well, but that’s the goal. It is totally arbitrary – I know it’s just a(nother) round number that I’ve settled upon. I find it motivating though; I take it seriously – 100 miles or more is something I really work hard to make sure I do if I possibly can, just because I’ve decided to.

I suspect it’s another facet of that ability to take an arbitrary self-imposed target seriously that I’m also not in the slightest bit interested in beating anyone else, either on a bike or in any other walk of life. I am only interested in beating me, in doing what I do better, by my standards.

No, there’s nothing unique in what I’m saying makes me tick, and no, that’s not what’ll work for everyone else.

What is worth doing though, is putting in the effort to properly understand what it is that motivates you, if you’re riding a bike or doing anything else. It may not be what you presume it is.