That’s OK, It’s Only Awful

A road ride on a route that I mapped out beforehand as likely to be reasonable through a sopping, sodden Berkshire landscape. I didn’t have to alter my route, but several lanes and B-roads were close to being impassable – and these weren’t ‘the normal suspects’.

Riding and looking around, these ‘weather events’ are not the normal exceptions to typical weather, if that makes any sense. Yes, this road or that road, this field or that field might have flooded before, but not this often, not to this extent, not as a part of this broader weather pattern.

I’m not sure there’s anything new to be said about climate change.

Perhaps the most interesting thing that’s left to observe in connection with it is how it will be reported and presented by the media and government; how the public are manipulated or managed, depending on your point of view.

It seems to be a recognised ploy to soften us up with terrible predictions so that when something merely bad happens, that’s seen as a bonus. If you start thinking about news reporting in those terms, a lot of it makes better sense than it might otherwise.

(This PR related blog touches on the subject.)

Climate change might not be quite so manageable though. If the reality is going to be awful, are we going to be happy with that if we’d previously been threatened with the apocalyptic?

A public bench, part submerged in flood water

At least it’s not apocalyptic.