The Head Or The Body

The weather’s not great of late and so today saw me doing a short off-road ride at the end of the day – just taking an opportunity to get out. It was hard going which it shouldn’t have been on the face of it – it wasn’t far, it wasn’t particularly hilly and I’d not been doing anything physically tiring beforehand. Naturally, that made me wonder why it was quite such a slog. My conclusion was that it was simply a question of the time of day.

For preference I’d always ride in the morning and so that’s what I do the vast majority of the time. The time of morning varies a little, but it’s nearly always going to be long enough after breakfast for that to have been digested, before I do anything else physical and while I’m still fresh from the previous night’s sleep. It’s the time I think I feel best.

What I don’t know is how much that’s purely psychological, or whether there’s something physical underlying it. Also, even if it is a measurable physical reality, quite possibly that’s simply by dint of familiarity and if I always rode in the afternoon, perhaps my body would get used to that instead.

Of course, what’s also worth picking over is that distinction I’m making between psychological and physical and in that distinction my inference that if it is psychological then that’s somehow a lesser factor. If you ponder that for a moment, you quickly realise that’s a very unsound approach.