The January Blues

The January blues feel real. Perhaps it’s the January Greys that are the issue. At least today wasn’t that awful slab grey; there were grey clouds scudding across a different shade of grey sky.

Grey clouds on a grey sky

Grey on grey

Over 30 miles – Henley, Remenham, Maidenhead, Shurlock Row and interconnecting lanes – and nowhere was it busy. Perhaps it’s just the normal lean January bank balances that lie behind it.

Today and one other time recently I’ve come across what can only be called a cliché of road cyclist. He has all the top-drawer expensive gear (and he’s riding around on it in winter …). Note that I’m saying he has the expensive gear; that doesn’t always equate to it being the best. There’s something about him that just oozes that attitude of wanting the most expensive stuff. Maybe he has even higher-end stuff for summer.

Sure enough, you’d expect someone who’s oozing that attitude to be stand-offish and far too up himself to talk to strangers and hey, what do you get but just that. Stereotypes exist for a reason. I’ve said before about mid-week riders being a different bunch than the weekend crowd, and if there’s one thing that distinguishes them it’s their friendliness. This chap should ride at weekends.

I suppose what that says about me is that I’m, what? Sort of resentful that this kind of rider is out and about mid-week? Vaguely depressed by the fact that stereotypes prove valid sometimes?

After the recent incidents of helping other riders / being offered help, I did find myself wondering whether I’d bother to help this chap if I came across him on the roadside. I suspect I would; I don’t want to end up at his level.

Maybe he’s a weekend rider who’s on holiday. Maybe he’s just been made unemployed. Maybe he’s shy. Maybe I just shouldn’t give a damn.