The Real Satisfaction

Somedays, it’s easy to despair. There was some idiotic parking on display today, filling-up a passing place on a lane. There was a idiotic woman in the same lane with dogs out of the control, off their leads. There was a VW Golf with four idiot blokes in and an idiot woman in an off-road 4WD who wouldn’t even put a wheel in the dry mud to make things less of a squeeze.

When met with fools, the hardest thing is to not be a fool in your reaction. If some cretins in a car give you the finger, the temptation is to return it. If some moron can’t keep a dog on a lead and swears at you for no reason as you go by, the temptation is to return the insult. And so on. Not giving in to the temptations is far more satisfying though – the kind of satisfaction that lasts.

Smug? No. Simply, just right? Yes.