The Sum Of Its Parts

Back in Berkshire and the first ride after walking a lot more than I normally do is hard work. It always turns out like this – muscles get used to certain activities.

Doing another round-Reading trip, I can’t help but notice far more fly-tipping than I’ve seen in Cornwall, and the roads around here are by-and-large in a far worse state too. It is easy to get very angry about it but that’s rarely a constructive outcome in and of itself – the anger has to be turned to something positive – an action. Just getting angry and ranting about an issue to some unfortunate friend, or just having a moan about something with your mates, is too easy and completely pointless.

A small step would be to report more problems to the people – local government – who are charged with fixing them. There are free tools to do so online. There’s no excuse not to.

The easy, perhaps cynical, perception to have is that Councils are inherently incompetent and they may well be, but on the other hand they can’t fix a problem if they don’t know it’s there. It’s only reasonable to give them the benefit of the doubt and put them in the picture so they can act. If they do, fine and all credit to them. If time proves they don’t fix problems they’ve been told about then there’s a bigger can of worms that’s going to have to be tipped out and investigated.

For some reason, way the line we seem to have acquired the attitude that society is something ‘out there’ that other people are responsible for. That is manifestly not the case. It is the sum of its parts, and we all constitute a part of it. You could argue that it would suit some for people to not participate, to not get involved. That’s easy enough to imagine. Like all conspiracies, it tends to presume an awful lot of power and intelligence on the part of the conspirators … but of late more evidence seems to come up suggesting active malevolence on the part of ‘big powers’ (governments, churches, corporations etc) than anything to the contrary.