The Taste Of What, Exactly?

Relatively short off-road jaunts are the order of the day. It’s muddy. By and large you don’t get that much mud splattered on your face – the clip-on mudguards do their job quite well and besides, mud’s heavy so it doesn’t always flick up that high unless you’re going fast. Or, unless it’s particularly wet.

Today it was wet.

So, the mud’s hitting my face and no, that’s not that pleasant but it’s not the end of the world. However, just occasionally it would land on my lips … and so you get to taste it … and so you get to wonder, just what is mud, exactly?

Of course, it’s going to vary in composition depending on where you are. Fine. But, on the whole, I concluded it’s a topic that’s you’re better off not contemplating.

Mud and leaves

Just don’t think about what might be in there.