There’s Lumpy And There’s Lumpy

A week in and around the far south west of Cornwall – a lovely area, but seriously lumpy.

Hill climbing is all about power-to-weight ratios. I know that my power-to-weight ratio is somewhere between dismal and appalling. I can do not-too-steep gradients and I can plod along upwards, gently, for a fair old time, but I struggle up steep hills. The far south west of Cornwall is all steep hills – if you’re not going up them you’re going down them. I managed one ride, carefully planned to be as manageable as possible, but even then the haul out of Mousehole was, shall we say, significant. I am pleased that I didn’t get off, but that’s about as much as I can say for myself.

My work means I could in theory live anywhere in the UK. Whenever I do mooch around the nation, I am always assessing how good it would be to ride a bike in the area. Some regions, such as the far end of Cornwall, I would discount living in just because it is too hilly for my comfort – for my ability. That is to put a lot of value on bike riding – it’s precluding swathes of the country that would otherwise be lovely to live in – and I do question that sometimes. Am I putting too much store by riding a bike? Time and time I conclude ‘no’ – I do value it that much, enjoy it that much. And I have to be realistic in that if I’m to enjoy it, the roads around where I live have to match my ability. It’s important to know what makes you happy – and unhappy – and to be willing to live with the consequences.