Thinking About Money

An average ride – just a short spin to turn the legs – passing some stunningly expensive country houses, a polo field and the like. I found myself wondering about the question of happiness again – and inequality. The private sector is one thing; the public sector is quite another. I’m struggling with how people – charity heads, local government execs and so on – can end up earning more than the Prime Minister. It defies logic.

That’s not a call for the Prime Minister to be paid more.

There’s a train of thought to be pursued there.

Polo player statue

You are bound to end up thinking about money

The unseasonably dry, bright and warm weather continues. I work for myself and I’ve always said that for me one of the hardest things about being self-employed is good weather. It is such a pull. Fortunately, I can often swap my daytime hours for evening hours, and I’ve never regretted not watching television.

There’s nothing ‘holier than thou’ or judgemental about saying I don’t watch television. I suspect it’s because I’ve never watched it much – as a kid I always wanted to be out – that it’s never had that much appeal for me. I find it very unsatisfying. An hour or so of something interesting or entertaining is fine but beyond that I just get restless. It’s too passive but I guess that’s just me.

That said, I have found it’s true that when it comes to anything factual, on the whole if you know anything about a subject then you’ll find TV coverage of it woefully superficial and often inaccurate. This, of course, throws into question the value of anything you may think you’re learning when it comes to a subject about which you know nothing.