Thirty Six Years: Good Grief!

As we all know, life’s what happens to ruin your plans. A rather nasty time of it with sinus-related pains in the face, head and particularly teeth rather curtailed the mid-week riding last week. Quite often cycling will make me feel better if I’m down with some minor ailment, but a throbbing face just doesn’t mix with riding a bike.

Feeling better, a good road ride on Saturday with Jim, a very long-standing cyclist friend, made up for it. Two middle aged men riding around Berkshire/South Oxfordshire, talking about bikes, work and life, in decent weather and doing a route that turned out well. We both said about how it’s such a shame so many people will never get around to experiencing those same simple pleasures.

How long-standing? Well, it would be fair to say my interest in bikes ramped up from that of the average school kid to something rather more keen directly because of Jim and this was some 36 (gulp) years ago. Quite where those intervening years have gone …

And then I paid the price for unwarranted optimism because the sinus pain returned that evening. So it goes. It’s not as bad as it was.