Unalloyed Pleasure

A bike ride – a real, out of doors bike ride; the first for over a week. The roads are in an appalling state; the rain and melting snow means flood waters are rising again; off-road the mud is deep and there are puddles everywhere with who-knows-what for potholes lurking beneath the dirty water. There was some evil slippery grey-black slush on some of the shady parts of the route. And I loved every minute of it.

You can't have enough firewood

If cold weather’s due, it’s good to have a few logs in stock.

It’s just the being outside that’s so simply, purely pleasurable. You don’t have to be riding a bike. It is the fact that the weather’s just that little bit better to make being out reasonable – not so cold you have to be wrapped up just that bit too much to be comfortable; not so slippery that you’d justly call yourself daft if you fell over and broke something.

Talking it over with Charli, she says she feels the same and reckons being outside has some deep appeal to the animal in us. If that’s true, I suppose it’s probably not a good thing that we’re still responsive to the instinctive. If civilization is about anything, it’s surely about the triumph of intellect over instinct.