Undetectable Headwind (Just For Cyclists)

A glorious sunny and warm day and an enjoyable – and for me quite fast – 35 mile ride: so far, so good.

Be that as it may, what bugged me today was the strength of the headwind. It bugged me because it was utterly undetectable. Not a blade of grass was stirring at ground level. No bushes or hedges were showing the slightest agitation. Higher up, no trees were swaying. But I was riding into a quite stiff, more than merely noticeable, headwind all the time I was heading east/south-east. (Which was the wind direction given in the weather forecast, at a gentle six or seven miles per hour.)

I am not making this up! For evidence, I present Exhibit A, a photo taken today of the wind-sock at White Waltham airfield. No, it is not out rigid, but it is a long way from hanging limply.

A wind-sock at White Waltham

Exhibit A!

I just don’t understand how that is possible. And yes, of course, I’ve experienced this before. But today it just seemed more starkly obvious than ever – with the wind-sock rubbing it in.

I don’t like mysteries. If you have an answer as to how I could be riding into a headwind with no other sign of it apart from the wind-sock’s angle, please let me know.