Vernalization As Sufficient Justification

Back on the ‘turbo-trainer’ – it is better than falling off on ice. Just.

(Trevor Woodford put it in context very well in his blog.)

Natural rhythms, natural processes, natural events: it’s supposed to get cold in winter. This current cold spell is not a surprise event.

Charli says I should be happy that it’s freezing at the moment because I’m someone who likes various specific foods, including blackcurrants and garlic, that require vernalization to do well. She has a point. It just doesn’t feel like anything to be chirpy about.

I’ve never been a fan of winter but I can’t really remember enough to be able to say whether I dislike it – and moan about it – more now than I used to. I suspect I do, which I’m sure is tedious and I know is thoroughly pointless.

Conversely, I find myself increasingly intolerant of pointless activities. Thus my moans amount to yet another shortcoming to add to the list. Ah, the joys of self-examination.