Wardrobe Woes And Other Autumn Aggravations (Just For Cyclists)

What to wear on a not-that-cold autumn day – showers, with sunshine? You cannot get it right. All you can do is resign yourself to getting wet – from the rain or your own sweat, or both.

The sun’s low this time of year and the glare can be squint-inducing. All you can do as a cyclist riding into the sun is try to be aware that drivers coming up behind you might be struggling to see you. Quite what you do with that awareness is another question … It’s hardly practical to get off. Glare off a wet road is even worse.

Painted markings on roads are also slippery hazards this time of year, as are wet iron-works – drain covers and the like. I’ve also had moments on bends covered in leaf debris that’s become ground up and smeared across the road in a traction-free mush, and if you see a sign saying ‘mud on road’, know that a really muddy bit of tarmac is at least as tricky as if it were snow covered. Unlike blinded drivers, at least with these hazards you can cycle accordingly.

I’m not riding well at the moment – dead legs whenever I go out, for however long. It happens at times; I’ve never been able to pin-point a cause or a cure. I ride on; I get better again.