Whichever Way I Turn

A circuitous route taking in Sonning Common, Highmoor, Pishill, Henley, Remenham and Sonning – and whichever way I turned it was in to a head wind. If you’re not a cyclist, trust me – that is seriously morale-sapping.

And, in an obvious down-beat linkage, presumably ‘inspired’ by generally dismal way the ride turned out, I couldn’t help but think today that nothing significant changes in our world, because human nature doesn’t change.

Whichever way I look, it feels hard sto find anything positive. They are using pepper spray on the ‘Occupy’ protesters and media voices – if not with the police – barely raise a murmur against it. Whatever the details of the argument, protesting against the excesses of the financial sector and the damage the sociopaths that people those businesses are doing to ordinary citizens does not merit pepper spray.

The greedy, the venal and the corrupt – those displaying the worst aspects of an unchanging human nature – seem to be on the ascendant.