White Nature

Photo: Dead Nettle

Dead Nettle - called that, so I'm told, because it doesn't sting, not because it's dead

And all of a sudden, blue skies! Not unbroken blue but it’s not raining … That is progress. Off road – as today’s ride with Charli was in parts – it remains pretty soggy and it will take a few days to dry out so you don’t come back splattered, but it’s feels like a bonus to be able to ride without worrying about being caught in a downpour.

But being a happily mud-splattered 50-something year old is pretty good.

Over the last few days, the thing that’s struck me on the plant life front is how white the hedgerows are. An awful lot of the plants in the hedges at this time of year are putting out white flowers.

I’m not complaining; I have nothing against white flowers. It’s a reflection of my ignorance that I find it odd that there’s so much of more-or-less the same colour. I would have thought there’d have been some kind of competitive advantage in differentiation between the species. Presumably, there’s more to be gained from being white(ish). Perhaps it attracts those pollinators around at this specific time of year. Perhaps it repels things that would otherwise munch them. I am totally at a loss for an explanation.

And talking of losses, today the thing that strikes me in the news is JP Morgan’s massive losses. Yesterday, in the rain, I drove by a team of litter-pickers working on the verges of the road to Woodcote. Back in March litter pickers prompted me to muse on pay not reflecting value to society. Now, as JP Morgan’s losses show, we see that in the financial sector obscene pay doesn’t even reflect performance for the jobs people are employed to do. I am left at a loss to know why society should put any store by these people, bestow them any respect. And I am at a loss, too, to know how the fourth estate – the media – can continue to protest its value to society when it does so much to prop up this iniquitous value system that so bedevils us.

Photo: Lady's Smock

Lady's Smock

Photo: Cow Parsley

Cow Parsley

Photo: Field Mouse Ear

Field Mouse Ear

Photo: Jack By The Hedge

Jack By The Hedge