It’s another year. What are we celebrating? That we’re still here? That the past year’s now gone – done and dusted and good riddance? That we’ve another year that we’re looking forward to?

Party balloons on a pole.


It would be interesting to know what people feel en masse – an accurate snapshot of how many people are happy to see the back of what was for them a bad year in the hope the next one will be better; how many people are looking at the coming year with dread; how many people really don’t give a damn either way and see it as just another date in the diary … and so on. I don’t know what I’d wager would be the outcome.

If there’s one thing I learned – and heard articulated in the last year – it’s that negativity is all too often just low blood sugar and tiredness. It’s been a long and busy year that’s hurtled by and I’m too tired to make a sensible judgement about how I feel about the last year and the coming year right now, certainly too tired for positivism.

Today’s was a short ride largely on-road, but on an off-road bike because the conditions under-wheel are a long way from good. I know it’s been equally yuk during winters before but nevertheless, on the day, it’s hard to imagine how the countryside is ever going to dry out and nature look anything like attractive again. Which, I guess, might just be testament to how poor my imagination is.