Why Codgertation?

My aim is to provide some interesting and unexpected, quite short and easy reads that you can dip into for your pleasure and entertainment.

The recipe is as follows:

Take one male, in his fifties, an enthusiastic and long-time cyclist – but also an overweight and not very fast cyclist who knows he’s an ex-smoker, particularly up the steeper hills.

Give him a propensity to ponder – about his life and about your life; about the things that matter and things that probably don’t.

Give him time to go out for rides during weekdays as well as weekends, a general preference for riding alone but a couple of occasional cycling friends, and hence plenty of opportunity to indulge that propensity.

Add a desire to share what he sees and thinks about, for no other reason than the notion that he has the luxury of time to think but many others don’t, so maybe sharing that luxury by writing thoughts down might somehow be a good thing.

Let him write in the hope that what he writes might generate in its readers the pleasing feeling that’s to be had when you realize someone else thinks along the same lines as you do.
Give him Berkshire and South Oxfordshire to ride around in during most weeks, with the odd foray further afield.

And you have “Codgertation” – a codger cogitating. On average, it’s around 100 miles of thinking every week.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I do riding it and writing it.

PS: I also have a vague notion that it would be nice if, along the way, I can help other people enjoy cycling as much as I do but ‘Codgertation’ isn’t about cycling. If ‘Codgertation’ leads to anyone taking up cycling, I hope it will be for the simple serendipity to be enjoyed while out riding, however and where ever you care to ride.