You Can Only Wonder

Red Kites in the sky

Several Red Kites…

Incongruities abounded:

  • A retirement ‘event’ at a garden centre;
  • Red Kites wheeling around a tractor hunting … worms;
  • A South Oxfordshire country lane and the strong smell of … WD40;
  • A old-ish, very middle-class-looking couple, seemingly stealing firewood from a forest;
  • Hoodie-wearing kids on bikes politely apologising for inadvertently getting in my way;
  • A pair of mud-bespattered and scruffy-looking middle-aged women wandering out into the road; loudly exclaiming with cut-glass incredulity as they saw me.

You can only wonder at the extent to which things aren’t as they seem.

Tractor working the soil

… were following this tractor, hunting worms.