You Couldn’t Make It Up

Blair is a god-father to a Murdoch sprog
MI6 and Libyan torture connections
CEO remuneration and all the venal grotesques infesting board rooms
As for remuneration lawyers and all the other sycophant s…

Riding around rich areas – in the area you’d get if you drew the boundary to connect Henley, Maidenhead, Windsor and Reading – there are plenty of what I imagine are ‘CEO standard’ houses.

Obviously their pay sucks. It’s totally wrong on every level – even their own. These people boost profits by short-termism – cuts to the workforce, no job security, no benefits, minimum wage – and not ‘performance’ in any meaningful sense of the word. These people create a ‘no-future’ culture, the sort some people are citing as a root cause of the recent riots.

Naturally, you wish the riots would hit these people’s houses, directly, not shops and innocent people, but, ultimately, appropriate as it might be to see these venal idiots with their heads on spikes, what would that actually achieve? I suspect the answer is ‘not a lot’. Violence is always the temptation of the desperate, the frustrated, but it never solves anything. Resolution always has to come by some other means.

We can have a ripple of media concern as we did today, but that was it – just a ripple. No outcry. We can have a shareholders getting upset but they’re the arseholes who are funding these people, only crying now it’s too late.

What is needed is society as a whole to be disgusted with these people … and all the other things that are crawling out of the woodwork of late.