Your Death Is A Low Priority

If the forecasts are anything to go by, today’s ride was the last on a sunny day for quite a while; and the temperature drop is already very real. Autumn’s here. I don’t understand all the riders you see out and about in shorts on cold days: I was always told to keep your joints warm or you’d risk damage.

Talking on my mobile is that important

Talking on my mobile is that important

Talking of damage; today was a day of drivers on mobile phones. I didn’t have any near misses though I saw one between two cars, with the driver of the car in the wrong yakking on a phone she was holding to her ear.

I don’t give a damn if you kill yourself. I do object if you maim yourself as you’ll be an expensive burden on society. What I have real trouble with is the obvious fact that there’s a fair chance you’ll kill or maim someone else if you crash while you’re talking on your phone.

There are any number of reports on how stupid/dangerous it is to use a mobile while driving, including indications that it’s more dangerous than drink-driving. Still people think they know better.

Given the non-urgency or, often, pure inanity of most communication, today I found myself wondering if they could stop mobiles working when they’re travelling at more than, say, 4 miles an hour. If they could it would solve the problem overnight.

Whatever I wonder though, whatever solutions might be out there, I know and you know that nothing will be done about it. Mobile phones are too popular; politicians – the only people who could initiate action – are too callow to lead and show vision, are only able of pandering to what they perceive as the popular mood.

The upshot is that every road death attributable to a mobile phone is a low priority – lower than a politician getting re-elected. They’ll jump on the ‘lower speed limits’ bandwagon if there’s a fatality on a road in their constituency, whether speed causes the crash or not. They’ll always parrot the ‘don’t drink and drive’ campaigns whenever they’re being given any prominence. Expect them to do anything about a far bigger menace? Not a chance.

The only sane conclusion is that we need to re-organize our society so that we get a better class of politician, so we get leadership with vision.